Chan Cusson

Administration - Principal

About Me

I am Mrs. Cusson and come from a family of 9.  I am married to a wonderful man and a great father, Rick.  He is also a teacher by trade and is currently the Superintendent of Northern Lights Public School. We have two children, Matthew and Alexandra.  They are both attending the University of Alberta.  I graduated from Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Edmonton and also attended the U of A for my Bachelor of Education degree.  I was a junior senior high teacher for 11 years, and district academic counselor and vice principal for 8 years.  This is my fourth year as a principal of school.  

I love to travel and golf.  I have travelled to 28 different countries and visited 47 World Heritage and Unesco sites...and have many more to go. I especially enjoy cultural cuisine from around the world. Currently I am sursuing photography as a hobby.

My philosophy of teaching, learning, and leadership:

I believe that my role in education is to build a culture of exemplary teaching and excellence in learning.

I believe that all children will have the best possible experience at our school, and that they love coming to school each and every day.

I believe in power of positives:  positive relationship, positive reinforcement, positive school culture.

I believe in the profession of education, that we are privileged to be able to make positive impact on the future generations.

I believe in the importance of the early learning years-they are crucial to a child’s development and future success.

I believe in striving to inspire excellence in others by raising the bar and maintaining high expectations.

I believe in inspiring others to share their talents and skills and empower those around me.